Here are the notes I took while discovering and using the statistical environment R. However, I do not claim any competence in the domains I tackle: I hope you will find those notes useful, but keep you eyes open -- errors and bad advice are still lurking in those pages...

Should you want it, I have prepared a quick-and-dirty PDF version of this document.

The old, French version is still available, in HTML or as a single file.

You may also want all the code in this document.

1. Introduction to R
2. Programming in R
3. From Data to Graphics
4. Customizing graphics
5. Factorial methods: Around Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
6. Clustering
7. Probability Distributions
8. Estimators and Statistical Tests
9. Regression
10. Other regressions
11. Regression Problems -- and their Solutions
12. Generalized Linear Models: logistic regression, Poisson regression, etc.
13. Analysis of Variance (Anova)
14. Mixed Models
15. Time series
16. Miscellaneous
17. Applications

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